04. Fondant vs Buttercream

The precision and elegance of fondant really cannot be duplicated in buttercream.  Fondant is a rolled sugar paste that is draped over your cake leaving a smooth, flawless finish.  Your cake is first iced in buttercream and then covered in thin layer of fondant providing you with both flavors and textures.  The fondant then provides the perfect canvas for decorating.  Fondant has a reputation of tasting bad.  This is true with the low grade, off-the-shelf fondants on the market.  However, we use only high grade fondants that do not dry hard and actually taste great.  Fondant also has the added benefit of holding up in the heat and humidity.  This is very important during outdoor receptions and events.

For the most part, our wedding cakes and novelty cakes are covered in fondant with very few actually done all in buttercream.  Our cupcakes are iced in buttercream usually with fondant decorations.  Cookies can be covered in fondant or icing depending on the decoration.